Terms and Conditions

Natural Family Publishing Pty. Ltd. (NFP) aims to promote business and products that we see as best promoting the optimum health and wellbeing of children and families and encouraging environmentally sustainable practices.  In order to ensure all businesses and products fitting this model can gain as much exposure as possible, the Natural family Business and Product Directory is now open to such businesses to market themselves and their products as a free service.


Businesses that may NOT list their services or products in our directory include those offering:-

  • Any type of drugs, alcohol or tobacco
  • Infant formula, toddler milk drinks and bottle feeding implements (as per the World Health Organisation International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes)
  • Disposable nappies – only allowable if perfume free, gel free and biodegradable
  • Any non biodegradable cleaning products and personal products that have been tested on animals.
  • Any product manufactured in sweat shops

Any toys or educational products advertised on the NFP sites need to meet the following additional criteria:

  • No electronic or battery run products to be advertised
  • Toys and educational products must support and encourage children’s natural imagination and creative abilities

All advertising is subject to the approval of Natural Family Publishing.  This decision is final and discussion will not be entered into.


An event must be an event that most parent would reasonably consider attending. A sales presentation of your business, is NOT an event

Any business, services, events or products entered into the directory that don’t meet these criteria will be deleted without notice.

If you believe your business DOES meet these criteria then we invite you to add your business to our directory now


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